What should I do if I suspect an unauthorized use of my account?

If you believe that your account has been accessed without your authorization, you will need to contact our "Operations Department" for a review of your account. When you contact us, please provide answers to the following questions:

  • When and how did you become aware of the alleged unauthorized use of your account?
  • Have you got your log in details stored on your PC or mobile, or on a piece of paper close to your PC or note on your mobile?
  • What kind of device do you use to log in to your account, is it public, as in a cyber cafe or personal, i.e. your home/work PC?
  • Can you confirm if anyone else has access to your computer or mobile?
  • Have you disclosed your username and password to anyone else?
  • Have you installed anti-virus software on your computer?
  • Have you recently accessed your computer from a different location?

Please copy the questions above with the corresponding answers and send them to [email protected] Please be advised that your account may be restricted during the course of our investigation.

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