I made a deposit, but it was not credited to my VIPARABCLUB account. What should I do?

  1. If the deposit was approved, but you cannot see it credited to your VIPARABCLUB bankroll, please proceed as follows: in case you have multiple VIPARABCLUB accounts, check your other accounts first, to determine if the funds were credited to any of them, instead. However, if you only have one account, please send us a proof of the transaction (from the payment method provider) to: [email protected] or contact our customer support directly.  
  2. If your card was charged but your payment’s status is still “Failed”, this ultimately means that we will not receive any credit for that particular transaction. Since the payment card companies sometimes display a "Hold" status for failed transactions, this may give you the impression that your card was still charged.

This "Hold" status should eventually be removed automatically, and NO charge will be incurred or display on your next card statement. In order to confirm that this is the case, we also suggest that you contact your bank directly.
Please review the details previously submitted for this deposit and try again.

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